Grown in Northern Colorado, Freida Farms is a family-owned business who is grateful to grow some of the highest quality hemp around. Their certified medical CBD isolate is used in our Canna Calm Healing Balm.

Supporting Fort Collins Beekeepers and Honey Lovers for nearly a decade. Locally owned ..a little out of the way but worth the drive. Their beautiful golden beeswax is found in most of our products. 

Copper and the Bee started in Brighton, CO in 2015 with one hive and a sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback named Copper. Their bees forage on wildflowers, local gardens, and alfalfa fields.  All of their honey is raw and unfiltered with as little processing as possible so you can taste all of the goodness from the hard work of their bees. Find their honey in our Vinegar Blend. 

Native Hill Farm is a four season, family-run vegetable farm located in north Fort Collins, Colorado. They farm using innovative and sustainable growing practices. Find their calendula flowers and lavender in many of our products.

Rachael's Revelry projects reflect a refreshing lifestyle of re-used and re-purposed decor. Rachael uses scrap wood from her projects to build these display boxes for our lip balms. 

Growing on several acres of land in the NW area of Fort Collins, Raisin' Roots emphasis soil health, and low-till growing practices with a commitment to land stewardship and resource conservation. Their beautiful calendula flowers can be found in all of our

lip balms, Green Rescue, and Whipped Tallow Butter

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