Chockfull of nutritious ingredients for your skin; GREEN, raw, and deliciously earthy. This salve is a wonderful heal-all for many skin ailments. This little jar of green goodness will be there through all of your stings, scrapes, bites and bumps. A necessary ingredient to any family's medicine chest. It's one of our best sellers!

Some common ailments this rich salve can tackle:
-chapped lips
-cuticle creme
-wound heal
-dry, cracking skin
-rashes/itchy skin
-stretch marks
-scar prevention & repair
-diaper rash

We infuse the following herbs in organic olive oil and avocado oil : 
- Plantain zaps open wounds
- Calendula soothes itching
- Chamomile heals inflammation of the skin
- Comfrey assists in repairing damaged tissues and bones

A creamy, unrefined African Shea Butter tops it all off. It's distinct nutty aroma gives it a comforting, down-to-earth sensation.

Comes in a pvc- and bpa-free recyclable jar.

Free sample with every purchase over $10!

Green Rescue

  • Take care to keep this product in a cool and dry place. Temperatures above 89 degrees can cause it to melt and reform with a grainy texture. Exposure to liquid may cause mold.