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A message from our founder:


This herbal body care line is inspired by and dedicated to my Grandma Zimmer, who would sit me in her soft lap and tell me the story of a little red bird that would fly to her window and deliver the good news of the day. I hope that the care, attention, purity, & intention of these products will be deeply felt. The ingredients in RED BIRD NATURALS reflect the best qualities of my Grandma:



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Our body care products are 90-95% organic and fresh within one month of placing it on the shelf - this makes for a nutritiously rich & as-straight-from-the-ground product as possible!


Many ingredients are harvested nearby our home base in Fort Collins, Colorado:


- beeswax from local keepers. 

- medicinal herbs from partner farms and wildharvested from the Rocky Mountains.

- essential oils pressed in Utah & Oregon. 


All of our ingredients come from trusted companies where sustainability & quality are at the forefront.  Herbs, butters, waxes, and oils are ensured to be low impact and safe for Earth's renewal processes.  This our bottom line when considering new ingredients.


Plastic jars are PET (safe for food, will not leach toxins into product), PCW (post consumer waste) and recyclable.



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